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Default Re: Discuss fighters Jones Jr ducked in his prime

Originally Posted by BatTheMan View Post
Excuses, excuses, excuses. Jones DID have time to fight Pazienza.

Boy did he miss out on having a great resume.
Please explain how they are excuses?

Chris Eubank has ADMITTED that he didn't chase the big fights, and he was content doing what he was doing, which was fighting at home on Sky.

So that isn't an excuse. Between 94-96 a Eubank fight was not viable.

Roy WANTED a one fight deal only to fight Benn. Don King wanted to tie him into a three fight deal, and Roy wouldn't agree. Neither would back down, and Benn declined quickly after his fight with Gerald.

Frankie Liles was also a Don King fighter.

These are not excuses!

Why did Collins deserve a shot at Roy between 94-96 for beating Eubank twice?

He could have had a great resume? He's already got one.

Put Roy's resume up against anyone you want, that fought around the same time from 168-175

You can pick anyone's?

Benn's, Eubank's, Joe's, DM's, Collins's etc.

Roy will come out on top.

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