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Default Re: Clay vs Frazier FOTC

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
A bigot is a person who is blinkered ,narrow minded, and intolerant.In describing you thus I was not insulting you, just giving my opinion of you from the posts of yours that I've read.
How do you make Ali out to be a bigot? He has given $$$$$ to charities ,including a $30,000 donation to keep an old peoples home operating in Germany.
He isn't perfect but he's done a hell of a lot of good ,what the **** have you ever done for anybody?
Why, and whom am I trying to impress ,certainly not you , because your opinion means jack **** to me.
Although this is true, look at the amount of money he has earnt. Im not trying to make myself look like a saint here, but I give 70 of my pay cheque to cancer research every month month. Considering I'm only 19 and work about 30 hours a week, it comes to about 10%. Does that make me better person than Ali? Of course not, even though I sacrifice a greater portion of my earnings than him. Celebrities giving money to charities is so common these days that I feel it's lost a lot of is meaning. To be fair, would I be right in saying, that back then it was a lot different?
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