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Default Re: My view on the 4th fight between Marquez & Pacquiao. Why I feel this is Marquez'

Originally Posted by elchivito View Post
Manny has declined, but not as much as most think. Bradley and Marquez I think are severely underrated and I applaud and respect Manny for taking on them. I think they are at the time Manny fought them just better, superior fighters than Cotto or Margarito tho they are smaller so its not just bad stylistic matchups, but the quality of Jmm and Bradley being overlooked. Yes Pacman's busy lifestyle will take its toll, but its not like he's partying Duran-style waking up with hangovers daily so he's not harming his body in any way or seemingly doing drugs. The 4th fight might be Pacman's most important and he knows this. Don't be surprised if you see a revitalized, more focused Pacman countering the counter puncher. He is at his best when he counters and is an underrated counter puncher has the speed for it, but like Chavez before him probably feels he has to fight instead of box for his fans.
I think if Manny comes out and decides to counter-punch, he will be in for a long night. Just dont see it working positively against Juan.
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