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Default Re: My view on the 4th fight between Marquez & Pacquiao. Why I feel this is Marquez'

I dont expect a #3 from Pacquiao. I expect a #1 from Pacquiao.

Marquez seems to just more defined into the Welterweight class. Jeez his arms and shoulders are so big! And looks like he's finally gotten adjusted to the weight and has repicked up speed. I expect a sharper and stronger Marquez than ever before.

I honestly give Marquez the advantage in this fight. He's got the chip on his shoulder. And he's paid his dues in the gym. He's proven to be the sharper puncher, and its gonna translate with his new strength. I feel Pacquiao is going to need a KO/Stoppage, and i think he knows he needs it too.
An aggressive and risk-taking Pacquiao is his most dangerous form though... If he just fires his 1 2's, and change the jab to doubled once in a bit, his left should land almost reliably. That has always been his best weapon vs Marquez, he shouldnt go away from it.

Marquez by decision
Pacquiao by KO/Stoppage
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