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Default Re: Jeffries v Quarry

mcvey says :What round did he knock down Armstrong in ?
You have to be the densest most bigoted person I ever encountered on the web. And you’re wrong more often than a broken clock. But no worries, I shall allow you and others reading information.

Jeffries floors Armstrong in the 10th, and would have finished him if for a broken thumb, and the ten round distance: “ In the tenth Jeffries put Bob flat on his back with a left hand swing on the head “

So my statement that Jeffries ( whom you seem to question in term of punching power ) floored all of his opponents, save his comeback fight in 1910 stands. Only a puncher could do this. I bet you'll forget later...

Everett was on his feet at the finish the referee intervened.

Everett was 21-3 when he meet Jeffries, and in his prime. His three losses were via points 2x, and DQ1. Jeffries floored him three times in three rounds, and it wasn’t a contest. Oh, by the way Everett and Jack Johnson fought a few years later in 1901. The result was a draw! So Jeffries blows out Everett in three rounds yet Johnson can only manage a draw in 20 rounds. A bit of a compare and contrast

Jack Munroe ? Is this really the best you can do?
What opponents did Lewis, or Foreman KO cold? None. Do you question their power? You asked who Jeffries Ko'd cold, and I gave you two names ( Fitz and Corbett ). Munroe was out in round one for the count, and had to be dragged back to his corner.

Jackson was an alcoholic, consumptive who was 37 years old, he had been retired for 3 years, .GET REAL . Fight stopped by Police.
Once again, Jackson could not rise. He was out, not on his feet. The police stoppage means nothing here, save to prevent a man from getting killed. As for Jackson, I could show you news reports that say he was 1 ) in shape, and 2 ) looking good in camp leading up to the fight. In fact, Jackson had a very good 1st round. He was sharp, but could not take Jeffries power in round two, and was floored twice, then left a tangled mess in the ropes in round three.

Keep positng, and remember your lies, agenda, or mistakes will not stand least if I choose to read and reply your drivel.


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