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Default Re: Clay vs Frazier FOTC

Originally Posted by Webbiano View Post

Well said Bill. I feel your in the right here (not that it's worth much :P) If he wishes to call Cassius Clay by his real name or by his more common referred to name Muhammad Ali is his choice and the fact Cobra, LittleRed and McVey are getting ****y about it is beyond me. I though you guys where better than that
Woah, woah, woah...

I never get ****y. Crotchety, maybe, but not ****y. I was just posting a sarcastic reply because anyone who chooses to refer to him by his far, far, far less commonly used name - the name he chose to renounce - is doing so for a reason. That is, it is indicative of an agenda.

I don't see that as being ****y.
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