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Default Re: Barry McGuigan - I've had enough of you.

Originally Posted by PaulieMc View Post
I've had enough of Barry McGuigan. I've never liked McGuigan as a boxing pundit on Sky Sports. Barry has this terrible habit of interrupting other people when they're talking, dismissing their opinions and ALWAYS has to be the one to get the last word in. It's just something I've always found very irritating about him and the fact that Sky haven't had him on much recently is just fine by me. However, I've always respected him to due to his accomplishments in the ring himself. In the last few weeks though, that respect has completely evaporated.

When I first heard he was playing a part in the whole Flintoff boxing debacle I raised my eyebrows. Surely someone as experienced as McGuigan wouldn't help embarrass the sport in such a way? I was wrong. His comments about people such as myself who weren't happy about Flintoff being allowed to headline a professional boxing show have really took the biscuit though. He has the bare faced cheek to say people who didn't like it are "idiots" who "don't understand the sport".

You know what? **** you McGuigan. Take your pea-sized brain, worthless opinions and big mouth somewhere else. Surely I can't be the whole person who's had it with this condescending *****?
Barry McGuigan looks out for number one.
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