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Default Re: Clay vs Frazier FOTC

Originally Posted by BillB View Post
That's certainly nice of you. Unfortunately, it's not the truth.

Here is a post of yours refereeing to Jersey Joe Walcott as "Mr. Cream".

Here you are in a thread using the word "Tyson" 31 times. Count 'em.
We all know that Tyson is now Malik Abdul Aziz. Why do you disrespect him?

I must be the only guy who didn't know Tyson had changed his name. I saw him interviewed the other day,and he was addressed as" Mike", he did not correct the interviewer ,or appear to object.
If I was introduced to him I would ask him what name he preferred to be called by, and refer to him accordingly , how hard is it?

You've trawled all my posts looking for a reference? How sad are you?

I didn't click on you were a troll like Pepe ,[who makes decent posts about anything not related to Ali,].

You unfortunately, never make a post worth ****, or at least I haven't seen them.
Maybe one day you will pleasantly surprise me?
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