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Default Re: I like Barrera, BUT

Originally Posted by Addie View Post
Marco unknowingly ran into a buzz-saw in 2003. He was well beaten, and there's really not a lot else he could have done on the night.

As far as the second fight goes, I find it difficult to criticize Marco's approach. He wasn't getting any younger and he surely knew that he wasn't going to win in a firefight against the faster, younger, and more powerful Manny Pacquiao. With that in mind, he tried to outbox the Filipino, but he just wasn't landing with enough regularity to win rounds. I wouldn't go as far to say that he was simply running away from his opponent, and I don't think Marco is the kind of character to have ever turned up just for a pay day. I don't believe that.

Styles make fights. It's a cliche, but it's true. I tend to take a lot more into account than simply evaluating how each fighter fared against Manny Pacquiao when comparing the three Mexicans. For instance, Marco's fights with Morales alone pretty much destroys the notion that the two weren't on the same level. They clearly were. Even Marco's fight with Marquez was extremely competitive, even if Barrera was arguably past his best by 07.

It's obviously disappointing as a Barrera fan to watch the man get steamrolled, but it doesn't undo all of the wonderful nights he had in his accomplished Boxing career. One fight is not the difference.

I pretty much feel the same way about the first two fights, Bernie. Neither fight was a robbery in my estimation, with both men having legitimate cases for victory on both occasions. Why emotionally charged Boxing fans insist on one extreme or the other is beyond me. Two very close fights for different reasons.
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