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Default Re: For me, Marquez kind of has everything to lose in this matchup

Age may very well play a factor. There's 7 years difference between them.
Can you imagine Pacquiao at 40 and Marquez at 33???
Thats no joke, we're talking massacre here.

The Pacquiao plan a year ago was to beat up on a washed up lightweight who haunted him twice previously.

The way Pacquiao and Roach speak is that the previous fights are dismissed if Pacquiao can get a legit win over Marquez this time.
A fallacy of course, but its how they view it.

Personally I feel win or lose this weekend, Marquez position as the better fighter is secured. He's proven it at three stages in Pacquiao's career.

For Marquez, losing does not diminish his legacy. For Pacquiao it does.
I felt the same way before fight 3. I said in this very forum that it was too late for this matchup to have any significance for Pacquiao legacy wise because he waited to long and let Marquez get old.
The same applies here. I described the same ****ogy in football terms last fight that I'll do right now.
Marquez has driven the offensive line (Pacquiao) offsides, Marquez has a free play downfield.

I dont agree with the thread starter, except in team Pacquiao's rose colored world, Marquez imo has everything to gain, nothing to lose.
Pacquiao is the one under pressure to finallly get a win, and if he gets it, history will note it was against a 40 year old JMM!

Win win for Marquez!

Lose lose for Paquiao!

Simple as that!
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