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Default Re: For me, Marquez kind of has everything to lose in this matchup

Originally Posted by Mrtibbs View Post
My views onthe subject....

Marquez has never had the fastest hands, the fastest feet, god like Stamina, Or amazing Power. He just does his thing and it works.

Pac Man Relies heavily on his Speed, Power, and Stamina, but in boxing terms is not the most amazing Pure boxer. He makes a lot of Mistakes. He does Amazingly well with what he has, but its not a style that he can adapt when he loses his speed and stamina.

The reason Marquez won the third fight in stronger fasion (In my opinion) is because Pac man is slipping in all areas, and because he doesnt have the skill set to adapt (he is more of a pattern fighter than an adaptive fighter), Marquez looked better than ever.

Marquez on the other hand has his amazing Skill set, therfore more logetivity as a fighter.

In my opinion Pacs the one that is a ticking time bomb in regards to age. His fighting style can only take him so far in terms of age.

IMO much like Roy Jones. I would say 80% of what he brought to the table was pure athleticism. Now that hes lost this he is a shell of what he used to be.


Marquez by UD.... for the 4th time!!
Its not about what Pacquiao's enhanced or diminished skills.
Marquez is simply just better.

Pacquiao did look more confused and frustrated in fight 3 than he did the previous fights I agree. But its not because Pacquiao lost quickness, speed, or power.
Its because Marquez gave Pacquiao less chances by throwing less combinations past 3 punches.

One-two, and one two threes, was Marquez trademark for fight three when in the previous 2 fights he went passed to 4's and 5's.

The more liberal you are with your punches the more opportnities there are for Pacquiao.

Drop Cotto back to 150 lbs and this current version of Pacquiao will still massacre him.
If Pacquiao has lost much, he has'nt lost more than what Marquez who is 40 years old has.
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