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Default Re: Tyson would have beaten wlad pretty easy and heres why

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
That hilarious coming from a Calzaghe nuthugger.

This is why no-one takes you seriously

Wlad uses his jab like he's knocking on the door.

No he doesn't, he varies it, along with his timing and accuracy that's why he has a great jab.

Originally Posted by dinovelvet View Post
If you dont rate Tysons win over Holmes you're a hater, its as simple as that. Out of everybody Holmes fought he said he would never fight Tyson again.
4 years after Tyson, Holmes beat Mercer, an undefeated , olympic gold medalist who had just ko'd undefeated Tommy Morrison. Holyfield was ko'ing fighters left right and centre but had trouble with Holmes over 12 rounds.
He was just one point short of beating MaCall who had just knocked out Lewis in 2 rounds, 7 years after the Tyson fight.
To say Mike's win is not an accomplishment is just plain stupid and ignorant.

It's not really much of an accomplishment though, Holmes was inactive and came into the ring overweight and out of practice. Honestly, someone like David Tua would have destroyed Holmes that night

Holmes was actually better when he was more active, such as when he faced Mercer. I'm no Tyson hater, don't be silly and don't get defensive. I'm just telling it how it is, Tyson's win over Holmes doesn't really mean much, it was no better than his wins over the likes of Tony Tucker and Frank Bruno - solid contenders but far from great. Holyfield was KO'ing which fighters at that time? Holyfield was a great technical boxer, but he wasn't a great puncher. The Holmes that Holyfield fought was better than the one Tyson faced.

Originally Posted by itsa huge ***** View Post
i knew you would like that lol...

that being said in my humble opinion tyson wouldnt stand a chance against mannys version of wlad and his mixture of atributes are the reason why..tyson would be knocked wouldnt even go the distance.unless tyson adapted hayes method to count on defence only then it would go the distance

Tyson would have a very good chance against Wlad, 50/50 fight in my opinion
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