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Default Re: If Floyd Mayweather Jr fought in the 80's, he'd be one of the FAB. It'd be the Fa

Originally Posted by MAG1965 View Post
Cotto was not a great like Hearns,Hagler,Duran and Benitez and Leonard. Neither was Castillo. I love Miguel as a fighter, but he lost to the elite level. Castillo was good, but not great. Floyd has not tried to fight the best. He really thinks he is going to fool people about his legacy. Fact is he has to fight Pacman. Even if he loses, it is better that he fight Pacman and lose then to not fight him at all. And I think Floyd can beat Manny.
Bull**** Floyd has fought more champion/contenders than Leonard. Just bc he doesn't have a opponent who is as popular as SRL, Hearns, or Duran doesn't mean his career was ****. At most it just means he may have a loss or two on his record.

And again, people who is holding on his struggling win over Castillo or Cotto needs to do some research that ALL OF THE ELITES IN THE PAST HAVE STRUGGLED as well. Most of them have losses against people they shouldn't even lose too. Only dumb ignorant poster will post that type of ****.
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