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Default Re: Fights or Fighters you remember that "evolved" the skill sets in MMA?

Originally Posted by sugarngold View Post
UFC 5 Ken laid the blueprint for all other wrestlers to follow by taking Royce down and never attempting to pass the guard but staying put and punching from inside the guard.

He already used a variation of GnP in his UFC 3 appearnces where he stopped Lenniger due to strikes and grounded Milton Bowen with punches until he rolled over and Ken choked him out.
Ken never fought Bowen. You must be talking about Felix Mitchell; otherwise known as the first guy to wear MMA gloves to the octagon, but was asked to remove them before the fight began. Bowen went on to be the first guy to actually fight with MMA gloves.

It was Steve Jennum that grounded Melton Bowen, worked some GnP from full mount, and then took the most comically gift wrapped armbar in the history of the sport. Jennum was actually a pretty complete fighter for the era.
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