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Default Re: 10 Best heavyweights in the last 25 years-

I would go

1: Lewis (Apart form the obvious the wins over Mason, Morrison and Tua deserve mention)

2: Bruno (Bugner, Coetzer and McCall)

3: Haye (Barrett, Ruiz, Chisora)

4: Akinwande (Tucker, Williams, Zolkin)

5: Hide (Bentt, Tucker, Reed)

6: Mason (Tillis, Harding, Biggs)

7: Williams (Potter, Meehan, Tyson)

8: Francis (Reid, WilliamsI, WelchII)

9: Skelton (McDermott, WilliamsII, Vidoz)

10: Oyebola (McKenzie, WelchI, Mitchell)

Audley, Sprott and Scott Welch just lose out to Big Bad James (maybe unfairly, but I always liked James and he deserves kudos for his career, after his terrible death). I only included those who turned pro before 2007, did not include Horace Notice, who had only one fight in the period and choose to classify Michael Bentt and Alex Stewart as American.
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