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Default Re: Yikes Manny Pacquiao Looks Skinny as Hell!!

Originally Posted by pecho26 View Post
Cause your ignorant and uneducated in that area.Thats why you spew bull**** all the time.I boxed still do and i do weightliftin reguraly as well.Im stronger and faster than i ever was.
Give me one study where it says that weighlifting is bad and will **** up your joints.Go
Hey man, that's not my job. Why don't you do it yourself. There are plenty of articles about how weightlifting has a tendency to lead to higher incidence of AC joint arthritis.

I'm sure it has a lot to do with your body mechanics, but it is what it is.

pecho, honestly, I kept things simple. I didn't ever feel the need to get into new scientific type of training because I was stronger that almost all of my contemporaries that were the same weight.

I mean, I was happy with my level of strength. I didn't feel the need to explore balistic training or any of that other bull**** that you espouse.

But from my own personal experience, I think bodyweight training is better for boxing. I didn't lose my speed and I didn't lose my power, but my endurance is better, I'm more fluid with my upperbody movement, I feel better, and honestly, I look better too.

And history is on my side. Look at the guys that lifted too many weights. Look at the guys who didn't lift.

Look at BHOP. He was never an avid weightlifter, but his longevity is off the charts.

In contrast, Lacy was way too musclebound, same with Tyson when he came back.

Can you even name many musclebound boxers that have succesful careers?


Guys that are the best are Mayweather, Pacquaio, etc...

Guys like Urango don't do that well. Guys like Berto are always getting hurt.

But your argument is, "YOU NEED weightlifting to succeed in boxing." That's a terrible argument, pecho.
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