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Default Re: Yikes Manny Pacquiao Looks Skinny as Hell!!

Originally Posted by ROACH View Post
Honestly, this is why I think calesthenics are the way to go. You can always make bodyweight more difficult.

You can do pistols for your legs for strength and pylometric jumping. There are a variety of pushing pulling movements for your upperbody, but it will leave you perfectly proportioned, plenty strong, and fluid, as well as explosive.

When you train weights extensively, you don't add so much of the tendon and ligament strength, but the external muscle strength that doesn't really add to your explosive power, but it can make you stronger in the sense that you can push people away, but it lowers your endurance.

Guys like Dempsey and Robinson who were PFP some of the hardest punchers the history of the sport, didn't lift weights, but it stop them from being able to knock a mother ****er out cold.

Tyson early on, didn't lift weights. When he did, he started slowing down because his endurance suffered, so he couldn't keep up that speed for the duration.
Calisthenics is definitely the best exercises for boxers and has been since the very begining. But targeted exercises with weights can also be beneficial if done in moderation.

The kinds of muscles you build by intensive weight training and the kind of muscles you need for boxer are WAY different. But you can introduce weights into a boxers routine that is more focused on building LEAN muscle mass instead of BULK muscle mass. Weights can also enhance exercises that produce the "fast twitch" muscle fibers that athletes need in sports that require a lot of explosiveness.

You can increase bodyweight resistance using different methods if someone is dead set AGAINST using weights....but I know a few boxing trainers and strength and conditioning coaches who aren't against weight training if they are doing the right kinds of exercises and in moderation.

Dempsey and Robinson were physical specimens in their day. They absolutely had the kind of work ethic and genetic make up that produced the kind of fighting machines that were around during the golden era of the sweet science.

Science is important when looking at the physiological make up of an Elite athlete. Knowing how the body works, the kinds of food, nutrients and supplements that increases recovery time and allows the body to work more efficiently is a necessity in these times. Sports and science at this level go hand in hand.

Weight lifting on the other hand doesn't necessarily go hand in hand.
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