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Default Re: Tyson would have beaten wlad pretty easy and heres why

James Tillis ?
Mitch Green ?
Tony Tucker ?
Bonecrusher ?

Did Tyson have an off night,seeing as he couldn't get these legends out of there ?

James Tillis was KO'd by the likes of Bruno and Gary Mason,Witherspoon and Morrison had him out of there in the first 3 minutes,and he lost a decision to a 100 year old Joe Bugner.Yet Tyson had to go the distance even though he hit him with everything.

Mitch Green employed Wlad like tactics,hit and lean,hit and lean.

Bonecrusher ate Tysons punches all night,yet still managed to make the final bell,and had nailed Tyson at the final bell.

Tony Tucker was another using Wlad tactics,jab straight right lean.

The notoriously gunshy Wlad would never have given Tyson an opening,he'd have kept him at the end of the jab,and smothered him every time he tried to close the distance.

Tyson made his name beating bums and old men,luckily for him he peaked during a very weak period in the division.Had Tyson arrived on the scene a few years later,he'd have been in big trouble,the likes of Bowe would have made him there *****.
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