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Default Re: If Floyd Mayweather Jr fought in the 80's, he'd be one of the FAB. It'd be the Fa

these guys have the correct answers...
Originally Posted by Montero View Post
Do you honestly think Floyd would fight any of these guys? Duran (5'7", 66" reach, started at LW) - Floyd might fight him due to size Leonard (5'10", 74" reach, legit WW) - doubt that Floyd fights him Hagler (5'9", 75" reach, career MW) - Floyd wouldn't go near him Hearns (6'1", 78" reach, huge WW) - Floyd avoids him until he's lost a few Based on what we've seen of Floyd over his entire career, I think he'd probably only face 2 of the Fab 4. He's got the talent to hang with all 4 of these guys, but he doesn't have the ***** to face them.
Originally Posted by bobotnaman View Post
he'd retire before they even mention him being part of the fab 5. he would have them under olympic style drug testing before he fights.
Originally Posted by Slothrop View Post
Floyd wouldn't fight any of them, and if he did he'd lose badly.
Originally Posted by MetalLicker View Post
Floyd don't have to ***** to fight any of them. He'll probably retired the moment any of them call him out.
Originally Posted by sugarngold View Post
No he wouldn't because he never would have fought any of them until the early 90's so no one would remember him.
Originally Posted by Jak Boxer View Post
Floyd wouldn't go anywhere near the fab 4. He wouldn't even touch 147 with Duran / Leonard / Hearns around. Get f'ing real.
Originally Posted by tinorknitz View Post
If FMJ fought in the 80's, he would have introduced extra testing back then. It's highly UNLIKELY he would fight ANY of the four. How could I tell? Simple. Compare Pac with those four, can Pac beat any of them? If Floyd ducked Pac, why the hell would he fight any of those four?
Originally Posted by eliqueiros View Post
Floyd would've ducked everyone.
**** off.
Originally Posted by woodzo View Post
Could picture it now Duran is juicing everybody knows whats up, im not fighting him till he takes the test Hearns?? Errr im going on vacation my bodys beat Hagler?? Marvin who, theres no money in that fight, he fights in a division full of bums... I'll fight him if he can make 150lbs leonard.. people come to see the floyd mayweather experience, im the one writing the biggest cheques of their careers,, i want a 70-30 split I could picture him and leonard timing both their retirements around each other tryin to both get one up on each other & it never happening, atleast SRL had the heart and put on all the fights in the end, sadly the same cant be said for floyd 'but im a rich coward' mayweather
Originally Posted by BadDog View Post
He has no *****, he won't step into the ring with any of them
Originally Posted by Tar Baby View Post
He'd probably stay around 140lbs and not move 4 were DONE!
Originally Posted by leone25 View Post
He would duck all of them.. Floyd retired when he saw Mosley, Cotto, and Margarito were killing each other
Originally Posted by prelude View Post
Floyd wouldn't even face an Asian midget what make you think he'll face them.
Originally Posted by JohnAnthony View Post
i doubt floyd fights any of them tbh. definetly not in there prime. he's price himself out or he'd claim he can't work with there promoter.
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