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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
"The people know". I absolutely guarantee you that if you started a poll asking who won that fight on this forum, Lewis would win the poll.


And the AP scored the fight for Lewis, 116-113. So what? Of course you can find a presscard for Holyfield. The fight was not a wide victory. But again, "the people" generally score the fight for Lennox Lewis.

"Even Evander Holyfield didn't dispute it when all three judges voted for Lewis and made him the undisputed heavyweight champion. In the first fight, Holyfield complained that his performance was affected by leg cramps. There were no excuses this time."


Why do you think if you find ONE press article that agrees with you, you have the result "right" beyond all dispute? It's absolutely ridiculous. I've produced two cards that have it for Lewis, are you now about to change your mind about who won?

EVERY fighter can begin to look "shady" if you belive the extreme points of view available for their big fights. Muhammad Ali -

Won against Liston because Sonny threw both fights.
Lost the only meaningful fight between himself and Frazier.
Lost two out of three to Norton who was robbed at least once.
Beat Foreman on a dodgy count and ducked a rematch. Foreman was drugged.
Robbed Young and Shavers.
Beat a past-prime Patterson because he had a dodgy back.
Lost to Doug Jones and was given a gift on the cards.
Would have lost to Cooper if he hadn't been given extra time to rest between rounds.

All of these individual exaggerations, lies and speculations can be found on the internet in "print" if you look hard enough. If you chose to believe them all you are a ****ing idiot. That is what you do where Lennox Lewis is concerned.

He was also universally recognised as one of the best HW's in the world, generally ranked at #2 and the fight was one of the most sought after in boxing history. Your'e an idot to say it shouldn't have happened, and if Lewis had passed on it you would be whining about his ducking a washed up drug addict. The fight was completely inevitable and of course it should have happened.
Yeah Tyson-Lewis should have happened sometime in the 90's before Lewis stepped aside.

And Ali? No Liston didnt throw ****. The so called "phantom punch" clearly landed flush on the chin as seen in the "when we were kings" documentary.

Foreman drugged? Yeah that's why Ali said "George had me out on my feet but didn't know it."-Ali's autobiography.
Foreman punched himself out. Foreman was up at 8 and today,the fight would have continued but he had nothing left anyway.

Ali is notthing like Lummox Lewis.

Lummox could have fought David Tua when he was 225 pounds,instead he waited until Tua was 250. Ha! Classic Lennox.

Lummox Lewis has no legacy. What is his signature win?

And by the way,even if the Tyson-Lewis fan was wanted by casual fans who dont know ****,beating old drug additc Tyson means nothing.
Danny Williams beat that version of Tyson faster and in better fsashion. Danny Williams wasn't clinching all night.
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