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Default Re: How can people call Klitschko an ATG?

Originally Posted by T.S. View Post
How dare they? Little over dramatic huh?

With your logic you can say...

1. Ali: Clay at the time, was knocked on ***** street by Henry Cooper who was 30 lbs lighter. Clay was given extra time and smelling salts to recover.

After Ali defeated prime George Foreman, Chuck Wepner (not near the physical specimen that W.Klit is) took Ali into the last seconds of the 15th rnd.

Ali lost to Leon Spinks. Nuff said!

How can you call Ali an ATG?

2. Holmes: Needed 13 rnds to defeat a rusty, inexperienced Gerry ****ey.
He lost to skinny little Michael Spinks twice!

How can you call Holmes an ATG?

3. Tyson: In his prime went the distance with Bonecrusher Smith, lost to Buster Douglas, lost twice to Holyfield the second time by intentional DQ, was destroyed by Lewis, Williams and quit on his stool without injury to Kevin McBride.

How can you call Tyson an ATG?

4. Foreman: Damn it's hard to find a knock on Big George but still he was destroyed by Ali when he was heavily favored and lost a UD to Jimmy Young and had a religious epiphany after the fight and took 20 years off.

How can you call Foreman an ATG?

5. Louis: Padded his stats by beating the "Bum Of The Month Club" and was KO'd at age 38 (two years older than Wlad 3 years younger than Vitali) by one of the smaller HW's of all time Rocky Marciano .

How can you possibly call Louis an ATG?

6. Lewis: Knocked out cold by greats Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman with no attempt to get up off the canvas. Clear evidence of a glass chin!

And people actually think Lewis is an ATG?

7. Holyfield: lost in the Olympics, could only defeat John Ruiz once in three fights, lost to Klitschko Bro victims Larry Donald and Sultan Ibragimov!

And you think Holyfield is an ATG?

How dare they!!

How dare they
Every one of those fighters has other great achievements outside of their losses and resume, and all of them did it alone. Wlad's never been undisputed champ, or set any defence or age-related records, nor has he ever beat a Hall of Famer, much less an ATG.
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