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Default Re: Old school training routines seem to be the simplest and most effective!

Originally Posted by pecho26 View Post
So?They ought to know some basic stuff and they certainly should keep their mouth shut cause they look like a complete idiots when they talk about things they dont know.Hunter and Roach kinda taake the lead in that.
Uh oh, maybe pecho my friend is it's cos they have had first hand dealings with S&C guys and found it was not to their liking and like it or not they have many years training successful fighters so they have a right to their opinion. If you think that they dont know what they are talking about then thats your opinion, if you want a S&C guy in your corner by all means have one. What Roach and Hunter say carries weight you on the other hand carry..............
I am beginning to feel sorry for you cos this seems to be your life.
What is it about this statement that bothers you "Old school training routines seem to be the simplest and most effective!.", does it bother you cos it's true?
Let's hear what you have to say. FYI, I work out of my house, I am on my PC all the time. These postings are like my coffee break, I look forward to coming on here and either reading something worthwhile or making "cartoon time" for all my yapper fan's.
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