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Default Re: Boxing Scoring FAQ and Discussion

Originally Posted by Windigo View Post
I've seen plenty of fights were a fighter adapts is clearly winning, landing more being hit less, but that fact that 'he isn't his normal self' is held against him by both judges and fans.
To say you've seen plenty of fights where judges have held that against a fighter is to say you've heard plenty of interviews with judges after these fights defending their scorecards. I sure haven't.

I think we can agree that holding the past against a fighter while judging a fight is not the right way to go. The problem is that I've only heard of one instance where a judge mentioned this and that was the Pacquiao - Bradley fight (can't remember exactly which judge it was). And to be honest, I think criticizing a judge in this way is to take his comments out of context. In my opinion, it didn't mean he was holding Pacquiao accountable for "not being his normal self." It sounded like more of an observation than anything else, he did comment on what Pacquiao did wrong to lose the fight in his eyes before making the "normal self" comment. All that being said, I didn't agree with the judges scorecards at all for that fight.

I don't want to turn this discussion into an outrage thread about Pacquiao vs. Bradley though. I think most fans and judges will agree with you on this.
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