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Default Re: Jeffries v Quarry

Originally Posted by HOUDINI View Post
Jeffries has long been considered a huge for 100 years. Whether he knocked opponents down for the 10 count is irrelevant. Sitting back 107 years after he gave up the title looking at records and trying to rewrite history that has already been well written is a joke.
Which heavyweights in their prime , of any class did he ko?

Would Tom Sharkey175/180lbs 5' 8" tall who was twice kod with one punch by Fitzsimmons go 25rds ,and 20 rds, with small gloves against Liston, Foreman, Dempsey, Louis, Lewis,Tyson.
Would a 33 years old ,2 years retired Corbett at 188lbs ,go 23rds with any of them?

Would a 167lbs Choynski go 20rds to a draw with any of them ?
Such a fight would not be allowed.

Jeffries was NOT A HUGE PUNCHER ,and his record proves it.
He isnt even mentioned in the 100 greatest punchers list .Im not rewriting history, I'm stating facts ,and check mating agenda driven posters such as Mendoza. I haven't even made a pick as to the winner.

Jeffries was a comparative giant, hitting on much smaller, older, coming out of retirement, recycled ex champions, and face first brawlers like Sharkey ,whom he could not stop in 45rds.

Jack Johnson ,who saw all Jeffries championship fights from ringside, and faced the over the hill Jeffries said that Jeffries had ",a solid wallop", but he was not in the class of either Fitz or Choynski for power.Sharkey,Corbett, and Fitz, all tabbed Choynski as a bigger hitter.

I think the jokes on you H.

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