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Default Re: Old school training routines seem to be the simplest and most effective!

Originally Posted by dempsey1234 View Post
Uh oh, maybe pecho my friend is it's cos they have had first hand dealings with S&C guys and found it was not to their liking and like it or not they have many years training successful fighters so they have a right to their opinion. If you think that they dont know what they are talking about then thats your opinion, if you want a S&C guy in your corner by all means have one. What Roach and Hunter say carries weight you on the other hand carry..............
I am beginning to feel sorry for you cos this seems to be your life.
What is it about this statement that bothers you "Old school training routines seem to be the simplest and most effective!.", does it bother you cos it's true?
Let's hear what you have to say. FYI, I work out of my house, I am on my PC all the time. These postings are like my coffee break, I look forward to coming on here and either reading something worthwhile or making "cartoon time" for all my yapper fan's.
Ofc its my life,i studied for that,and i am not gonna allow some morons to blame other people for peds Boxers for example.
I wouldnt want a s&c coach in my corner but then again this is not a debate about boxing technique,tactics and so on,if it was i would be all ears,cause it would help me a lot,its about s&c.
I have Roaches videos and Angelo Dundes videos.I watch them a lot but dont take any advice for s&c cause its mostly moronical.
You know why they talk **** about S&C trainers?Cause they feel threatened.They are worried they aint gonna be able control every aspect of training,especially ones they dont know.
In the future i hope it will change that every boxing trainer will be educated,but that is utopia.
This thread doesnt bother me cause then i wouldnt have a profesion,everybody would know everything.There are numerous threads on numerous formus how meat is dangerous and work of the devil and they discuss about that.
Forums are about that,people come and share their ideas,sometimes,matter of fact most of the time they are troll threads like this one,but you come and write what you know.
You do realize there are cell phones that can go on internet as well? You cant troll me,you can feel whatever you for me.It makes me laugh .Im gonna write whats on my mind for 100 pages if i want to,and if i dont feel like i wont.You or any other poster dont have anything to do about it.Very simple.

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