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Default Re: Best cherry pickers of all time.

Originally Posted by JeanPaulValley View Post
Yeah Tyson-Lewis should have happened sometime in the 90's before Lewis stepped aside.

And Ali? No Liston didnt throw ****. The so called "phantom punch" clearly landed flush on the chin as seen in the "when we were kings" documentary.

Foreman drugged? Yeah that's why Ali said "George had me out on my feet but didn't know it."-Ali's autobiography.
Foreman punched himself out. Foreman was up at 8 and today,the fight would have continued but he had nothing left anyway.

Ali is notthing like Lummox Lewis.

Lummox could have fought David Tua when he was 225 pounds,instead he waited until Tua was 250. Ha! Classic Lennox.

Lummox Lewis has no legacy. What is his signature win?

And by the way,even if the Tyson-Lewis fan was wanted by casual fans who dont know ****,beating old drug additc Tyson means nothing.
Danny Williams beat that version of Tyson faster and in better fsashion. Danny Williams wasn't clinching all night.
So instead of fghting david tua when he was top ranked and in the middle of his prime, he should have fought tua when he was only a rising prospect?

Lennox has a resume better than most heavyweights like tyson and holmes, and you said i dont care what others think im not going to make a poll, yeah because most would disagree and say that your an idiot.

I love it how you like to take your statements as if they are fact and not just an ill mannered opinion. I love it you make it sound like oliver mccall and tommy morison were only on drugs when they fought lennox, but never touched any drugs at earlier stages of thier career. Are you thier personal stalkr? Do you give them pleasure and services, like how the **** do u know about when they used substances and when they didnt.
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