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Default Re: CAN 50 CENT turn ANDRE DIRRELL (aka the Froch slayer) into a crossover star?

Originally Posted by MichiganWarrior View Post
Abraham is the hardest hitter in the division, and caught Dirrell flush while he was helpless and already fatigued. His head contorted near 180 degrees. His reaction was the same reaction when Roy Jones jr sucker punched Griffin.

Dirrells reaction during and after point to brain trauma. Most who believe he faked are just scum.

Now the extent of his injuries after such as not fighting Ward to get more money is debateable.
I don't think AA being the hardest hitter in the division matters in this case, he didn't seem to turn in much on that punch, which really was thrown awkwardly in a split second. Abraham doesn't sound like the brightest guy on the block, and he had this WTF reaction to what he had just landed vs Dirrell's reaction/face.

Brain trauma is probably a long shot, considering he was up on his feet shortly thereafter. I'm not a medical expert (neither is anyone on ESB) but I know a lot of guys who suffer concussions go through the same immediate & short term reaction + behavior that Dirrell went through. We'll never know.

Originally Posted by MichiganWarrior View Post
Dirrells a boxer. He boxed Frochs ears off. He didnt have to exchange. Be like Floyd exchanging with Hatton.

And no Froch didnt land more than Dirrell. Dirrell staggered Froch and landed the cleaner harder punches. Count on one hand he amount of punches Froch landed.

Anyone scoring hat fight for Froch dont know **** about boxing. Clear Dirre victory. Definition of a robbery. Alexander was atleast landing punches on Kotelniks gloves lol. Froch was whiffing. I think he knocked out someone in the upper deck though lol.
Knowing the context of the fight i.e. home crowd in England and Froch benefiting from a higher level status than him, Dirrell should have exchanged with Froch. Look at Cloud-Campillo, it's a reverse situation in terms of having a more skilled boxer potshotting the hometown aggressor... and losing the decision.

I didn't score the fight for Froch, what I said was that the judges' scorecards were understandable considering the context of the fight. Dirrell has talent he's not prepared to put to work.
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