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Default Re: Jeffries v Quarry

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
Would Tom Sharkey175/180lbs 5' 8" tall who was twice kod with one punch by Fitzsimmons go 25rds ,and 20 rds, with small gloves against Liston, Foreman, Dempsey, Louis, Lewis,Tyson.
Not necisarily.

If their left arm was out of action, he might just get them out of there sooner.

Would a 33 years old ,2 years retired Corbett at 188lbs ,go 23rds with any of them?
You can never say never.

Would a 167lbs Choynski go 20rds to a draw with any of them ?
Such a fight would not be allowed.
I would hesitate to pick any heavyweight with that level of experience over Choynski.

I guess we just don't see these fights the same way.
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