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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez 4 ****ysis/Possible Outcomes

Originally Posted by Uncle Rico View Post
It's a double-edge sword. If he tries to counterpunch and box, he neglects his offense and actually gives JMM an easier time; as evident by their last fight which incidentally was the clearest win and the only one in which the JMM robbery claims are valid. And if he tries to be the aggressor, he provides JMM more opportunities to counter like you've said.

I have JMM the favourite for precisely the above reasons. His style matches up better and with that he’s been able to create the better formula. As hard as this is to admit, Pac has only matched JMM the way he has because of his physical gifts. Now that they’ve faded slightly and he’s being forced to use his bare skill-set -- which is/was never on par with JMM’s -- the dynamics of the fights have changed in favour of JMM.
I am not suggesting that he boxes tentatively like he did in the 3rd fight, I am suggesting that he forces JMM to be on his frontfoot by going on the backfoot. This changes the dynamics of the fight greatly and a lot of the things that JMM does that use to frustrate him will be nullified.

JMM backing off, is out of range so Pac lunges forward to close range and to try attack - JMM sees the threat, launches counterpunches and gets out of range again.

JMM backing off, circling away from Pac's left as Pac is in pursuit - It is much more difficult to "circle away" when youre the one moving forward, so as a result JMM moving forward will but him back in harms way of the straight left.

JMM backing off, Pac lunges forward and throws punches, JMM just takes another step back to get out of range and Pac misses by inches - If JMM was moving forward, it would be much harder for him to simply lean away from incoming punches, hence why come forward fighters bob and weave.
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