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Default Re: For me, Marquez kind of has everything to lose in this matchup

Originally Posted by janeschicken View Post
Divac, do you think Lederman's black non-biological daughter Adelaide Julie Lederman-Byrd should be allowed to judge this fight?
I think Julie is a fairly good judge, certainly better than than her joke of a Dad that calls himself a fight judge.

But no, I dont think she should be allowed to judge this fight simply because she's the daughter of an ****yst that works for HBO and who has an agenda to go to every lenghth and twist and turn whats really happening and have it come out roses that Pacquiao is winning.

Every fight fan knows that HBO carries an agenda with them to every big fight they broadcast and because of it, I think it was a bad idea to have Nevada appoint Julie Lederman to judge this coming Marquez-Pacquiao fight.

Lets be real here, Julie knows her dad's scorecard has been filled out before hand. Now do you think Julie is going to make her dad look like a BOZO?????

If I'm Marquez I'd petition the commision to have Lederman removed and have a fight judge to take her place thats never been involved in a controversial decision of these high magnitudes.
Easier said that done of course as most judges have had their palms greased several times unfortunately!
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