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Default Re: Tyson would have beaten wlad pretty easy and heres why

Originally Posted by KidDynamite View Post
Yeah, I watched it too. Tyson out jabbed an excellent jabber and dominated the entire fight. Tucker landed some good shots and was competitive. He caught him with an uppercut but that was really the only damage he did to him. Wlad doesn't throw uppercuts.

Tucker is leagues better than Wlad, in terms of skill, ability and talent. His chin was iron, he had an excellent jab and very good power ... and he was athletic and mobile, not a robotic, lumbering glass jawed fraud like Wlad.

Watch Tyson vs Lou Savaresse if you want a preview of Tyson vs Wlad.
You are comparing Wladimir Klitschko (8 1/2 years without a loss, consensus champ, ring magazine champ, an ATG), to Lou Savaresse???

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