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Default Re: For me, Marquez kind of has everything to lose in this matchup

Originally Posted by OnePunchKO View Post
Styles make fights. Juan's got the greatest gift in boxing in being able to neutralize Pac's offense. Let's not get it twisted, though. Pacquiao's the greater fighter with the greater resume. Pacquiao smokes Diaz, Casamayor, a faded ass Katsidis, and Fedchenko in less rounds and more devastating fashion. Perfect example is Pac/MAB and JMM/MAB.

Once again, styles make fights. That's why Marquez blatantly ducked Khan and Rios so as to not jeopardize a Pacquiao showdown.

Makes you wonder though. The second fight, which many regard as the most obvious win for JMM, really was the springboard for Pacquiao to move into supers****om. After that it was Diaz for the lightweight title, Oscar, Hatton, Cotto and onwards.

If JMM had been given the nod in that fight, as I believe he should, does he get those massive fights that Pacquiao got? Not necessarily against the same opponents, or at the same weights, but that high calibre of fight which would have thrust him into supers****om instead of Pacquiao.

It's easy to say Pacquiao's got a greater resume so he's a greater fighter. But he was given those opportunities whereas JMM has had to work harder and longer to secure the really massive fights.

But it happened the way it did, Pacquiao has indeed a greater resume. However, if you're talking in terms of talent as fighters, there's very little in the difference. Pacquiao's been more exciting, JMM's a purists dream. Everyone wins.
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