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Default Re: so ricky burns works part time in a sports shop?

Originally Posted by slip&counter View Post
Bit of top spin there, Dunky. Mi ole mucker. Jacobs put up a brave effort, but we can't class that as a knockdown. Jacobs didn't touch Pernell. Pete swang wildly with a left, missed the target and the momentum caused him to go off balance and to the canvas.
I know Slip my good man, I know I throw the Jacobs KD of Whittaker out there from time to time, my cheeky wee way of knowing who has actually watched the fight, maybe my all time favourite from a scottish perspective. So far you have been the only one to pull me up on it Much respect

You know me slip, I will put a positive spin on all things scottish, & I would argue that from one angle, & one angle only Pernell throws a big shot, Jacobs lands a cheeky wee hook to the upper ribs, Whittaker off balance hits the canvas, & Jacobs deserved the KD. Whittaker punching the canvas? Most would see it as ****ed off at a bad call from the ref, the ref & I however would see it as Pernell frustration at being floored by the kid

That fight gives me goosebumps every time I watch it, a scotsman fighting the P4P numero uno, when I was old enough to remember it. Its so sad that hardly anyone in the UK nowadays knows anything about the fight, considering Jacobs gave Whittaker a better fight than Hatton did Mayweather & Pacquiao. Not a diss at Ricky, just ****ed off that this fight wasnt even picked up in Britain, I had to find out the result from a local rag back in the golden era of british boxing, but internetless... these kids dont know bloody good they got it nowadays!

I could go on & on about the fight itself, the aftermath, & a certain sweet pea giving Gary Jacobs a phone call out of the blue many years later!

No-one really cares though, & how sad is that?
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