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Default Re: Fights or Fighters you remember that "evolved" the skill sets in MMA?

Originally Posted by boranbkk View Post
I've noticed we haven't seen you about so much these days. It's a shame cos your knowledge & insights we'll be missed. But I get it, the monthly Bruce Lee is a warrior god threads are as boring as they are bull****.

That had me rollin!

Jack of all trades master of none?

How's your Muay Thai then?

You said he was a fighter.

Getting into a few fights doesn't make a guy fighter, your average security gaurd at your local bar gets into fights, but you wouldn't call him a fighter would you?! The guys in the gym that train for fun or fitness you wouldn't call them fighters either would you, so how does Bruce qualify? The guy was a martial arts pioneer who had major lasting impact on the world we live in, sure, but he wasn't a fighter in the sense we all use the word on this forum and I believe you meant when opening this thread.

There is saying in Thailand that it takes 5 years to start to make a fighter. 5 years of hard conditioned full contact training and most importantly full contact fighting. As you may or may not know fighting in the ring is a very different dynamic to full contact sparring and just how many "fights" in or out the ring did Bruce have and under what conditons? There's just no evidence, no proof nothing.........It all sounds very similar to a religion doesn't it......

It's all so hypothetical with Bruce and its all so distorted by his legend, the truth is Bruce doesn't last 3 rounds with any top 50 Thai of equal weight in a FC stand up fight with or without gloves.

He doesn't deserve to be on the list of guys you posted earlier, guys who had the opportunity and ***** to routinely test out their fighting theories in a full contact enviroment. Who knows maybe Bruce would have thrived in the current MMA scene, who knows, but that's the point isnt it we'll never I said earlier it all gets so fanatstical and hypothetical when people bring Bruce into the conversation.
I don't think you understand why people bring Bruce Lee into the topic. Have you even looked into any of his work?

Anyway, I'm glad you posted that the thread I started was educating you on some of the milestones in MMA. It's just too bad that you've put a limit on what you're willing to learn.
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