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Default Re: Would Matthysse be a difficult fight for Mayweather?

Originally Posted by Box702 View Post
This poll shows how many ignorant bias *****s there are,Use to like & respect Him but was nothing nothing close to these Floydiots now at days that get horribly offended like he was their wife when something bad is said about him .The guy boasts all the time & has stated numerous times he made himself villain cause nobody respected him or basically payed him any attention.Talk about a sell out,Lived in vegas all my life as a former fan never been to his gym or fights but you mother****ers damn near suk his **** wtf would you actually do if you lived in vegas?Don't answer that don't even want to know.I get my moneys worth with Matthysse were as in "Money" is just money hungry for my $.It took me while to figure out considering was only a teen but seen through his fake ass.He's never been about fighting the best unless he has no choice & is forced too.That's why i hate & stopped supporting the guy,He has all the talent/skill in the world but lacks ***** what a damn shame never face a prime legit threat..Forget about Pac/Sergio it won't happen there is always an excuse.Instead get ready to dish out 70$ for mismatch in guerrero & unproven/inexperienced Canela the diva.
You do realize 0% of your post had anything to do with why the poll results are biased and how Floyd wouldn't handily win the fight, right?
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