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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez 4 ****ysis/Possible Outcomes

Originally Posted by divac View Post
Thankyou Tazo! Alot of these Pacquiao fans will not accept that Pacquiao's fight plan in the 3rd fight was to box from distance. To stay at center ring without going out looking for Marquez and have Pacquiao's faster hands and feet manuever around Marqeuz and fluster him.

Roach having seen Marquez not able to react to Mayweather's quickness and speed from from distance thought Pacquiao could do the same to an old lightweight moving up in weight. He thought Marquez would'nt be quick enough to react and his interviews before hand showed the glee he was in anticipating Paquiao was going to be to quick, to fast, to powerful, and to Patient for Marquez.

Pacquiao spent the first few rounds attempting to box and force Marquez to lead. Marquez mantained calm at center ring and probed clean lead shots to both the head and body of Pacquiao.

I had voiced concern in this forum going into that 3rd fight whether Marquez could be quick enough on the trigger at his age and moving up two weight classes to land on a Pacquiao if Pacquiao fought from distance and made Marquez lead.

We got that answer right away in the first couple or rounds.
Pacquiao was being patient, Marquez was probing and landing solid leads, and the result was that Pacquiao was'nt answering back with a quick enough counter.
Pacquiao could not match x's and o's with Marquez and that was very apparent early on.

What do you think Tazo of what I outlined for dangerousity, about Pacquiao's best bet to win legitly would be to get on his bicycle ala Leonard vs Hagler and DLH vs Trinidad. To actually run around Marquez and look to engage very little?

Do you think at 40 years of age Marquez can get his feet to move fast enough to land effective clean punches????

Personally imo, running would be Pacquiao's best option. He's not going to outbox Marquez, and he eats to many clean flush shots and becomes gunshy when he gets overly aggressive vs Marquez.
I think "running" would be an interesting game-plan, but I think it would backfire and make Manny look foolish as he runs while JMM chases. Though that might be a way he can catch Marquez lunging just once and send him to the canvas. But again, that doesn't ensure he's winning the fight. He would just end up coming at JMM anyway, he has more patience than Manny does.

I think Manny frustrating JMM by pretending to lead and then baiting him into leading so as to catch him(and being prepared for the counter, as supposed to just being surprised by leads)...shuffle forward, step back, feint, shuffle forward, etc. The times he caught JMM in the 2nd fight were being unpredictable on his feet. But by now, Marquez has his feints and hops so down that it seems hard for Manny to do anything about it. Going for broke might be his only option, and if he can still bang like he used to, it's likely the best basket to lump his eggs into.
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