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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez 4 ****ysis/Possible Outcomes

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
I think "running" would be an interesting game-plan, but I think it would backfire and make Manny look foolish as he runs while JMM chases. Though that might be a way he can catch Marquez lunging just once and send him to the canvas. But again, that doesn't ensure he's winning the fight. He would just end up coming at JMM anyway, he has more patience than Manny does.

I think Manny frustrating JMM by pretending to lead and then baiting him into leading so as to catch him(and being prepared for the counter, as supposed to just being surprised by leads)...shuffle forward, step back, feint, shuffle forward, etc. The times he caught JMM in the 2nd fight were being unpredictable on his feet. But by now, Marquez has his feints and hops so down that it seems hard for Manny to do anything about it. Going for broke might be his only option, and if he can still bang like he used to, it's likely the best basket to lump his eggs into.
At least Pacquiao has a chance if he went for broke real early and came out guns blazing ala Mike Tyson.
Pacquiao could catch Marquez early and cold going that route, the only problem with that gameplan is that its risky. I actually do think Marquez has a better shot of stopping Pacquiao early if Pacquiao uses that fight plan.
This is'nt round 1 of fight 1 where Marquez has'nt faced and does'nt appreciate just how fast Pacquiao can close the gap from being out of distance to punch to in distance to punch in the blink of an eye.
As you said, Marquez knows Pacquiao's moves, and now that he knows to anticipate them, that fast start by Pacquiao may land him on a ***** street he has'nt been too since his bantamweight days.

I say running because thats the only thing Pacquiao has'nt tried.
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