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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez 4 ****ysis/Possible Outcomes

Originally Posted by PaoloMirani View Post
Pac doesn't really need to change his style much. I mean **** dude, they've fought 3 times and last time I checked he's up 2-0-1. He must be doing something rght. Once, call it a fluke...but three times suggests judges favor Pac's more proactive style (albeit slightly) over Marquez's more cautious tactical approach. The reality is this---Pac being the guy who is pressing the action is the one dictating the action. Dangerosity brings up valid points....Marquez's success is wholly dependent on what Pac does or does not do. In that sense, the main thing Pac has to be aware of is the ebb and flow of the fight and to not be drawn into unnecessary risks. This is essentially the onlyway Marquez scores.....set traps get Pac reaching. Hey look, Pac's been in the fight game 20 years. He knows what's up, he knows how and why JMM has success against him. He knew this in their last fight where he lowered his punch output and "boxed". You'll see a similar fight this time around. All this ko talk is just hype....Marquez kinows he can't punch first, and Pacquiao knows this.
Even most diehard Pac****s are calling for Pacquiao to do something different. The reason for it is obvious, they know Pacquiao's lost every one of these fights.

For Marquez? Dont change a thing. The decision likely is'nt going to go his way, but I think history will look upon the 4 JMM-Pac fights as a prime example of boxing politics at work.
Marquez would have won 4 times and as a fan, thats good enough for me.

An official decision does not mean much in a sport filled with corruption.

It would be a shame if corruption took JMM out of his gameplan and got him out of the mode he's supposed to go in vs Pacquiao!
Boxing mode!
School him a 4th time Juan Manuel Marquez!
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