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Default Re: Nacho: Pacquiao-Marquez is not a Toe-To-Toe fight

Originally Posted by hofbrau View Post
Nacho said he doesn't expect Pacquiao vs. Marquez to be a toe to toe encounter - because the styles of the two fighters would never allow for such a scenario.

"This can never be a toe to toe fight. It can never be that way because of their styles. Marquez is a smart boxer and Pacquiao doesn't fight toe to toe either. Pacquiao attacks his opponent and then pulls back. He doesn't stand toe to toe. He attacks his opponent, pulls back and makes them feel comfortable and then he jumps on them again and hurts them,"

"We just have to be smart [with our strategy to get the knockout]. If Pacquiao wants to come in all wild and reckless, trying to get a knockout, that's better for us. But we are going to fight smart," said Nacho.

Exactly! Pacquiao is calling for toe to toe action, yet it was he in various parts of all three fight, and especially in the first fight, who was being driven to cover when Marquez countered him unmercifully and chased Pacquiao aggressively to the ropes!

Nacho is right. Pacquiao attacks in a short quick burst and then steps back to reset. He's never been a toe to toe fighter, but since he could'nt find Marquez in their last fight to land a clean hard punch, he's now asking Marquez to stand still.

Pacquiao- "Its not fair that Marquez does'nt stand still for me, I am Manny Pacquiao and I say stand still for the fans!"
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