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Default Re: Fights or Fighters you remember that "evolved" the skill sets in MMA?

Originally Posted by rekcutnevets View Post
My own list

Royce- BJJ

Severn- Wrestling

Tank Abbott- GnP Creator, and rule updater. I still remember laughing out loud when I saw the rules for UFC VII, and saw the inclusion of NO FISHHOOKING. Anyone that has seen the Abbott vs Taktarov fight will get why that was a funny addition.

Ruas- The **** your guillotine slam and demonstrating that leg kicks can lead to limping and whelps.

Maurice Smith- Strikers have a chance if they learn how to grapple

Steven Seagal- The Front Kick
Good list.

Not so sure about the Segal though. The videos I saw, Segal was showing Silva kicking with the lead leg. Silva KO'd Belfort with the rear leg, and the kick looked an awful lot closer to Capoeira than it did to the Segal stuff.

And coincidentally, there's vids out there of Silva getting down in the Capoeira circle.
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