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Default Re: Fights or Fighters you remember that "evolved" the skill sets in MMA?

Originally Posted by rusty nails View Post
right.. ive got that part.. frank shamrock was excited about getting a job in a gym which taught jiu jitsu, wrestling and jeet kun do principles..... and???.....
At that time? That was 2000. If I remember correctly during that year the Academy was offering wrestling, BJJ, Capoeira, FMA, Silat, Muay Thai. Actually, that is no different back then as it is now. They still offer the same classes.

They also offered Swash Buckling on Sundays. Strictly for movie actors and stunt people. Possible that Frank was excited about the connections he could make in Hollywood because it was about the same time he was thinking about fixing his teeth for the silver screen.

(And I edited the original post you're quoting. I guess you missed the additional info I added.)
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