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Default Re: For me, Marquez kind of has everything to lose in this matchup

Originally Posted by Smokin' Joe View Post
It's hard to say. In terms of what it'll 'do for him', I suppose most casual fans only see the losses on his record against Pacquiao. Many of them wouldn't realise that he's actually never really lost to Pacquiao. But then that comes down to whether the opinion of the general public matters to JMM. I doubt it. In his eyes it's probably unfinished business on a personal level. It is dangerous for him. At nearly 40, you can age overnight, and he could find himself outmatched in a hurry. Looking at the condition he got himself into for this fight though, I don't think that's going to happen. I can see your viewpoint, but I can also see it as a nothing to lose situation for Juan. If he wins he gets the recognition from all quarters that serious boxing fans already know he deserves, and if he loses badly it'll be fairly obvious age has caught up with him and it's time to hang them up.
Except that he has lost to Marquez... twice.

No one cares what goes on in your head. The reality is those losses are never coming off his record.
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