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Default Re: Fights or Fighters you remember that "evolved" the skill sets in MMA?

I downloaded it years ago from megaupload but that is now kaput. It's a great insight into how to incapacitate a enemy [baring in mind it was written partly as an Army manual during WW2 I believe] using strikes underhooks, td's and submissions. It's quite an insight and you'll see more practical applications to use in modern MMA in Jack's book than you do in Bruce's TOJKD imo. The one thing it really lacks is the effectiveness of kicks, and defense on the ground. It's primarily an offense minded book

Was searching for a link but i found this

“My investigation of technique took me on a long mental journey as I followed my fighting trail through the West...and I was getting pointers on self-defense from all the old-timers I met. Each trainer, each manager, each fighter, had his own ideas and his own specialties. Like a blotter on legs, I absorbed all that information in those days, and then discarded what seemed wrong.- Jack Dempsey, Championship Fighting"

Now like rusty said no doubt Lee was/is influential. But let's put all this ''Father/First'' malarky to bed please. It's a lot more ''***y'' version of history, but quite frankly isnt true. If you want to say that Bruce inspired a lot of people to fight that's fine because it's true. But Helio Gracie and his sons would still be around if Lee had never been born...

Cross Trainers sticky is all you need to disprove that
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