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Default Re: Cotto vs Trout Photos and Quotes

Anthony Mundine says he won't fight WBA champion Austin Trout because 'he's a nobody'

Anthony Mundine says he isn't running from anyone despite being dubbed a "mouse and a fraud" after backing out of a world title fight against Austin Trout.

Mundine's camp failed to attend a meeting scheduled by the WBA to discuss a championship bout between the controversial Aussie and WBA junior middleweight title-holder Trout in the US.
Trout was left fuming at Mundine - the mandatory challenger for his title - labelling him "a joke" and ridiculing his plan to conquer America.
But Mundine hit back on Thursday, telling Fox Sports News that Trout was a "desperate dude" looking to make money off the Mundine name.
"I'm not going to to fight a guy like Austin Trout who is laughable because he's really a nobody. If he came with a name and came with some pulling power (I'd fight him) - but I'm not going to let him use me and take my money.
"Austin Trout is a no-name. He's getting desperate. He's like a desperate dude that's looking for a pay day."
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Mundine was last month reportedly poised to sign with Top Rank, one of the giants in the US fight promotion game, with suggestions of a three-fight deal that would lead him to the likes of Miguel Cotto, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.
Mundine described that prospect as "realistic", saying "all it's got to take is one breakthrough."
"I just want the big boys. That's where I belong.
"I'm getting impatient, just like my fans. I want to give the people what they want to see. In the meantime, I was even contemplating giving Danny Green a rematch at his weight.
"The last time they talked about him having too much weight to lose. I'll give away 10 kilos if that what it takes to prove that I'm the best.
"But I don't want that. For me, personally, I don't want that. But if that's what's got to happen and time runs out for me, I want to do something and I want to do it big."
But Trout dismissed the plans as "all talk", describing Mundine as a "has-been" who wouldn't last five rounds against him.
"I've been looking forward to fighting him, to knocking him out, since last August but all we've heard from his mouth are excuses," Trout told the Daily Telegraph.
"He kept saying he wanted this option, that option, a re-match clause. Then he came out and publicly accused me of ducking him.
"Yet when the WBA finally steps in and demands a purse bid he doesn't attend. The guy's all talk. How do you conquer America by backing out of world title fights?
"The guy's a has-been who knows he can't cut it with someone like me for 12 rounds. For even five rounds.
"These days all he does is hit and run. Hold and run. I only wish that, after all this, he still had've taken the fight ... knocking him out would've made it all worthwhile."

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