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Default Re: Sonny Liston Vs. Mike Tyson. Do you see this goin the distance?

Originally Posted by TheSouthpaw View Post
Could Sonny keep Mike at bay with that jab and his strength , Or would Tyson find a way to jump on Liston early and do some serious damage. I do believe that if anyone goes down its Sonny for sure, but keep in mind if Tyson couldnt make Sonny miss with that great defense Iron Mike had, Tyson would be gettin hit with some pretty big shots. Or do they stay cautious and decide not to trade shot for shot do you see it goin the distance in a 12 rounder?
First off, great avatar. Second, I think Liston could be a stylistic nightmare for Tyson. Cus always told him to avoid strong and hard hitting sluggers a la Foreman, hence the reason Tyson wanted nothing to do with Foreman during Foreman's comeback. People always refer to what Foreman did to Frazier to predict what Foreman (or Liston) might do to Tyson. This is an unfair comparison. Tyson was faster, bigger and started fast out of the gates whereas Frazier started slowly, and was VERY vulnerable in the first 3 or so rounds (after that he was basically a beast who was very hard to stop).

Tyson then does have a good chance of doing some damage early against someone like Liston who, like Foreman was extremely strong physically (more so than Tyson) and who had extreme power in either hand (also like Foreman). Liston also had that jab. That jab was a thing of beauty and carnage - it was clearly like being hit with a telephone pole. Liston's reach was 84 inches I think. Tyson would have all sorts of problems getting past that hard jab and if he did get close he'd be either tied up (a la Bonecrusher smith; Tyson always struggled with strong guys who could tie him up when he got close) or pushed back and hit again (as Foreman would likely do to him).

I can imagine Tyson losing the stare down, steaming in, landing some good shots (perhaps even dropping Liston) and then starting to get hit with the jab, being pushed back, physically dominated and then stopped around 7 or 8. Tyson was a master of scaring his opponents; against Liston he would **** his pants IMO. Liston is arguably a harder match up for Tyson than Foreman would be for him purely because of the intimidation factor and that jab from hell.
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