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Default Re: Would Matthysse be a difficult fight for Mayweather?

Originally Posted by vast View Post
floyd outweighs him by 25+lbs.
Lucas is undefeated with 30 ko's of 32 think he can hold his own,If you havent already noticed Spars with floyds #1 threat Sergio who's 158lb.Lucas is easily 150+ & floyd aint no killer he's a boxer.He couldnt KO 135lb 37 yr Marquez who inflated 10lbs he's Definatley not going to hurt or KO Granite chin Matthyssse keep dreaming *****s.Lucas isn't battered shot cotto or mosely.You'll never know if he can't beat floyd cause floyd will never give him the opportunity but you idiots will still brag about what floyd would do if they fought huh fools?It's floyds best interest to avoid Matthysse,Martinez & even Golovkin they would hurt him unlike guerrero,bradley,canelo,pac.Castillo,cotto,burton took him to deep waters Matthysse & the rest would test that chin all fight unlike walking punchin bag mosely/ortiz Lucas actually has has skill Power,Grannite chin,Stamina too dangerous for him.He isn't 135lb Marquez,38 yr mosley or 140lb fatton rather 150+ Floyd aint fuking with Matthysse ever.He'll never fight a bigger version of castillo.
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