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Default Re: Joe Calzaghe: a wasted career?

I've always being a bit of a Calzaghe critic ... I think he flapped his punches and his show boating was cringey to say the least. He was however superbly consistent.

I initially scored the fight for Hopkins but when I watched it again I scored fairly clearly for Calzaghe. Any doubt about his greatness was removed by shredding up and coming Lacy (who was the real deal until that point) and Kessler who has gone on to be superb.

I like Calzaghe. I find him a nice chap. I hated him when he was boxing, and I hated his slappy style and inflated opinion of himself. However he's grown in me since he retired.

H2h I think prime Benn, prime Toney and prime jones all beat him quite easily but that's all hearsay. He did great you have to give him that.
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