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Also: Chang, Napoles, old Mongoose, Laguna, Marcel, Conteh, Slowfre, Canto, Whitaker, Zapata(half the time anyway), Robinson, Ortiz, Canizales, Mustafa MUhammed, Toney, Chavez, Curry, Starling(when not deliberately just showboating defensively), Benitez(same caveat as starling) Gato Gonzalez, Galindez, Laciar, Pascual Perez

I never thought Floyd Patterson was very good here.He could slip shots well and he was strong offensively, but he did one then the other, not quite seamless a lot of the time and if you caught him in his transition he was open and off-balance\unaware a lot.

Minter another boxer-puncher who wasn't the best here.Benn and Honeyghan too for Brit fighters.Both could slip punches well, but couldn't seem to remain aware or relaxed enough to integrate it within their combinations and more explosive offensive moments.Benn improved a fair bit here though and was actually quite good at it by the end of his career.
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