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Default Re: Fights or Fighters you remember that "evolved" the skill sets in MMA?

Originally Posted by SuperHut View Post
Hey Borabbkk, you gonna break it down like I asked?
Yep, but I'm in a different timezone and times an issue at the moment. Where do I start......ther's so much and I've done this in so many threads already! But as a taster check my post here on negating the sidekick, a heavily used by Lee:

About me being ignorant and not willing to learn, well I was watching the 1st UFCs at the time just out of fascination but wasn't a serious follower as I've aleways been a Muay Thai purist. In the late 80s I owned the Tao of JKD which I found intersting and had a signed copy of JKD Kickboxing by Chris Kent and that book was utter ****e. The Tao of JKD I found interesting, but you mention him breaking down MT, but I only remeber two small paragraphs mentionng how effetive the MT low kick was and how the dynamics where similar to western boxing. I guess he learnt set of the Big Boss.

About Muay Thai being a watered down version of Krabi Krabong, where did you get that **** from?

They are the same thing as is so called "Muay Boran", what people who know **** all about Muay Thai call "a watered down from" is actually a stripped down form emphasising the common strands of varying regional styles leaving the most effective weapons in their bare form to create a ring sport.

You still haven't proved to me Bruce Lee ever had a meaningful fight?

And by the way what business does the JKD academy have teaching MT?????

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