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Default Re: Is Floyd afraid of Pacquiao or just afraid of getting beat?

Neither. First Floyd's arrogance is the problem. Floyd has a belief that no fighter deserves a reasonable amount of money to fight him. That's the long and short of it. All this scared and ducking **** is comical! No fighter gets to an elite level being ****ing scared. Fights don't get made all the time for various reasons, the very last is because someone is scared. Floyd has lost before, although it was the amateurs and a long time ago, but I don't think a fear of losing motivates him. The almighty dollar does. If he were to lose to someone, he'd make even more money in a re-match.

The whole PED thing is bull**** too. Who cares if Floyd and his team think Pac is jucing? IDK why it seemed to hurt that man's feelings to the point where he felt the need to ****ing sue. So let me understand this Pac, you wouldn't take the tests, pass them (assuming he would) and then get in the ring and bash Floyd's head in, but you would hire a lawyer and fight him in a court room because your feelings got hurt? If Pac is clean he should have taken the tests when it was first brought up as a condition for a fight with Floyd. Instead Pac crossed his arms like a 5 year old little girl and basically said "You're not the boss of me!" so there was no fight. Yet Floyd is supposed to be scared of THIS guy? WTF?

Now it's what 3 or 4 years later, Pac is in debt up to his eyes with Arum and there are rumors from Freddie Roach of all people that he's blowing his money. All of a sudden drug testing and a 45/55 split sound pretty good don't they? If I were Floyd I'd tell Pac to **** off too! If I were Pac, I'd stop chasing Floyd. Neither guy needs the other really, there are enough Pac****s and Floydiots to support whatever these two clowns are going to do...
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